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The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Imagery, color, and rhythm are used in this design to inspire a response to the vibrancy, and energy of life. The spiraling cobbled path leads young viewers along the story of the butterfly's journey through growing up.

F-22 Raptor Paper Airplane

This piece of student work was designed ostensibly as if it were part of a design competition to inspire elementary aged school children to select your paper airplane instructions over others from the class.  I selected the theme of the F-22 Raptor to engage young imaginations in the power of flight, and attached Jurassic elements to solicit a broader demographic of elementary students.  The design had to successfully illustrate steps to constructing a paper airplane, and fly which was tested by the professor and a random sampling of fellow students.  The graphic was successful in construction efforts, but I was also pleased to discover that it introduced the existence of this piece of aeronautical engineering to many fellow designers.


This imagery combined with text is meant to inform about what it is not. I photographed the image of the phone mounted in the hillside at the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland.  Using the yellow from the phone in the word, "Confine," creates a visual attachment to the tool that connects us to the world. To further illustrate the lack of confinement the heading and definition are placed in the mist that obscures the peak of the hill suggesting an ever continuing mountain into vastness.

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