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Poster Design

This student work was for an assignment to create a poster for a real event. Though, it was never a published item, it is an event I have enjoyed attending in past years.  The featured image is of a well known, local artist, Duffy Bishop. Though she has not, (to my knowledge), performed at this event, she is currently featured on the Washington Blues Society Facebook page.  As the sponsor for what is now called, "The Snohomish Blues Invasion," you can find details about future Blues festivals via the link. 

* Sadly, Covid-19 has claimed this as another festival canceled in 2020, but I look forward to its safe return.

This 3-Color, silk screen design was created for another "true event;" however, this design was created for an assignment, and has never been published.  I find myself returning to this image again, and again as I find the dynamic flyer fascinating in her incompleteness that, to me, enhances the sense of motion.

Just like moons, and like suns
With the certainty of tides
Just like hopes springing high
Still I rise
~ Maya Angelou 1928-2014

This design is based on an emulation of Peter Gee's, (1932-2005),  Martin Luther King Silk Screen Print on Mylar.  Again, this is student work for an assignment, however, the process of emulation not only provides a greater understanding for the skill exhibited by the original artist, but it affords us the chance to expand our understanding of our own design directions.  Maya Angelou has been a hero and mentor through her work for me on my journey; so, designing her image, with her powerful words in a style that emulates an important historical work by a designer of distinction seems appropriately impactful.

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