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Piping World Magazine

One day I picked up the phone to discover David Hilder, the Pipe Major for the Dowco Triumph Street Pipe Band was calling. I had done a fair amount of work for the band and text messages had become the more normal mode of communication; so I knew something must be pretty important. “So, Piping World Magazine wants to feature our band in the next edition,” he said. I replied, “that’s great!” He said, “they want your photos and a special shoot of the leadership for the edition….” I was speechless. “… from you!” He said. I was honored and nervous. For years Piping World had been a staple in the piping community, and it carried with it respect for being one of the first magazines to feature the musicians and bands in that diverse community. It was the first time I realized that Weatherly Images had gained appreciation in an international field, and, coincidentally, my it would be my first formal shoot for publication. In the end, the leadership, David and Shaunna Hilder, and Andre Tessier and I had a great time on the shoot (or at least I did), and I was, and forever am, honored to have my shots in this piece of piping history. I admit I was a little disappointed when I received my official copy that some “liberties” were taken with edits of the submissions, I was flattered beyond compare by the printed description, “One of the many attractive features of this issue of PIPING WORLD is the photography of Weatherly Schiele.” Sadly, Piping World struggled against the tide that moved magazine publications to the web. In an effort to go “digital” while maintaining subscription-ship, they tried to produce the magazine as an emailed PDF; but, they eventually lost the war to Pipes|Drums, and Piping Today who embraced the internet as the new medium. Some Piping World issues are now considered collectible in some circles.