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Column & Layout Design

Poetry Northwest Internship

In the spring of 2016, I spoke with the Graphic Designer for Poetry Northwest about the possibility of consideration for the internship offering through the Everett Community College. As a professor familiar with my work, he was willing to allow me to participate even though I was a relatively new student. On our first day, it was explained that the course would offer us a foundation with the publication of the magazine; but, that only one of us would be offered the opportunity to continue into the following year as a stipend intern. At the end of that quarter I was honored to receive the offer to continue. Though my predecessors had taken summers off, I was driven to see the final product to completion, and was thrilled to begin work on the second issue at the beginning of the following quarter. I grew in skill considerably through this experience with responsibilities ranging from successfully archiving the “First Series,” (the first 43 years of publications), to design discussions, and layout responsibilities. My hard work was rewarded with the opportunity to design the “Honor Roll – Charitable Contribution Column” which continues to be produced in the publication. Additionally, the lead Graphic Designer awarded me the title of Graphic Designer in the staff column for my work. As a fan of poetry, I continue to be a fan of this beautiful publication.

Poetry Northwest | Volume XI | Summer & Fall 2016

Poetry Northwest | Volume XI | Issue 2|Winter & Spring 2017