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eo bryce Book Cover Redesign

As the web design portion of the e.o. bryce project developed it began to grow in scope. All of the books by bryce have covers personally designed by the author, but one afternoon we were talking about the latest layout alterations when bryce said to me, “why don’t you give a go at redesigning Socrates.” This book holds a special place in my heart, so I was enthusiastic at the opportunity. Through many design ideas, and discussions, bryce settled on a design concept based on the actual service manual for the year and model of the truck known as “Socrates.”

The first iteration of this concept was met by bryce saying to me, “I like it, but where’s the humor?” This lead to a brainstorming session filled with laughter over the the portion of the story where a bicycle pump had to be used to keep a series of tires inflated on a trip from Montana to Upstate New York. We agreed that reference to repeated tire changes satisfied the need for a little humor, and that the bicycle pump represented the intended theme throughout the novel that, “We have within us the imagination to solve and surmount our problems.”