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eo bryce Web Design

Web design is a little like building someone a house, and can be just as personal. At the start of this project I invested quite a bit of time researching other author’s sites, and developing a small folder of articles related to what elements promote an author’s work. This research served as the foundation for the “red line designs.” While red lines are becoming less common as a tool in the workforce with the design of interactive UI models, I feel that the skill is still valuable as it works as a schematic

that promotes communication. In the end, e.o. bryce made feelings clear that she wanted her identity to be minimized as a presence, a very simple purchasing flow, and to have no need to deal with “subscriptions” from her site. With that in consideration I built a house for the work with a clean, white environment for them to shine in, an understated reference to her as the author, and a simple, PayPal purchasing flow.