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Monthly Archives: February 2016

25 Feb 2016

Weatherly Along The Way

Young Musicians


3-01-08 WPA 485

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Along the way I have met many dynamic individuals but it has been the young musicians within the bagpiping and drumming community who have surprised, delighted and inspired me so consistently through the past eight years. In the midst of an ancient musical endeavor these young pipers and drummers display dedication and perseverance with a genuineness that most spend lifetimes pursuing.  Whether it is the spirit of those who chose these demanding instruments, or the mentors and icons within this worldwide, yet tightknit, community who inspire and teach the dedication skills expressed, these young people face challenges that most would avoid, they attack new opportunities with intention, and they remind us to laugh through learning and life.

The link will lead you to some images that have presented themselves through my lens along this journey, and some thoughts and observations regarding these remarkable individuals.